Adil Tugyan


Adil Tugyan



Adil haseen working as a teacher and teacher trainer for 20 years, besides, he also works for the Ministery of National Education as a content development expert. He is also running workshops and webinars about Learning and Teaching with Technology, 21st Education and learning modalities.

Here follows his record of certifications: 

  • Expert Teacher of English Language (Certified)
  • eTwinning Ambassador, eTwinning Moderator & Trainer, eTwinning LE Expert (Certified)
  • iTEC Ambassador – EU Designing Future Classroms (Certified)
  • TED – Transatlantic Educators Dialogue – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Certified)
  • FL Teacher Trainer (Certified)
  • ICT and Web 2.0 Trainer (Certified)
  • EU Codeweek Ambassador
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator MIE

How did you end up joining the #maker movement?
When I saw the one of my friends post on Facebook about the European Maker Week, I went to the web page right away and went through everything very carefully and then I thought this great event should be disseminated in my country too since we have lots of schools and students and in all schools there are very inspiring and creative activities deserving to be showcased.Furthermore the idea behind the event was very impressive for me. I started to think every student as a maker. The makers constructing their own knowledge and learning and I decided to be in this great movement.

What do you most value in the innovation/maker environment?
I think, Maker Week itself promote and foster innovation at schools with in the main aim of event. At schools students learn their school subjects and then reflect their learning by creating creative and innovative outcomes which are more tangible. I believe that European Maker Week will encourage students to be innovative thinkers and this point is the most valuable puropse of the event for me. Bringing students more closer to the literacies and the methodologies of the 21. Century Education to make a change.

What’s the maker movement outlook in your country?
My country has not been involved this event yet this will be our first year and I am sure we will see very creative and innovative ideas and innitiatives in the coming days.

In your opinion, what features in your city/destination/country is more appealing to an innovation-oriented crowd?
I think the most appealing feature to an innovation oriented crowd is the schools and young people in my country. We have very creative, dynamic and connected young population open to new ideas and technological innovations. They will be the agents of the change in the future as long as we provide them with help and guidance and of course involve them in this kind of events.

You seem to have been able to create such a nurturing environment around your FabLab/makerspace/hackerspace in (your country). What does your audience look like? Who do you mainly target – students, inventors, or… ?
My main target for the event will be mostly students and the teachers guiding them with diverse topcis from science to art.

What do you consider your greatest goal as EMW’s Ambassador?
My greatest goal is to help them to make a change in their learning and teaching, leaving the traditional test based learning behind by showing them the sources which can help them to construct their learning in meaningful and differenciated ways by giving a considerable focus on peoject and outcome based learning styles.

What kind of events are you planning to organize during the EMW?
I am planing to organize a fair with involvement of the schools in my city and disseminate the event to whole country. I am also planning to collaborate with the schools from other cities to help them organize thier own events in their local areas during the European Maker Week. I will try to reach all cities in my country to be a part of this great event.