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Ben Nuttall




Ben is Raspberry Pi’s Community Manager.

He’s a software developer who loves Linux and all things open source. Ben has helped the Raspberry Pi Foundation with its education and outreach over the last four years, starting with setting up a Raspberry Jam in Manchester as a keen member of the community, and for the last two years, working for the Foundation in Cambridge, delivering teacher training, creating learning resources, running workshops and speaking at conferences.

Ben is enthusiastic about engaging people in computing and digital making and ensuring it’s accessible to everyone.

How did you end up joining the #maker movement?

What do you most value in the innovation/maker environment?

What’s the maker movement outlook in your country?

In your opinion, what features in your city/destination/country is more appealing to an innovation-oriented crowd?

You seem to have been able to create such a nurturing environment around your FabLab/makerspace/hackerspace in (your country). What does your audience look like? Who do you mainly target – students, inventors, or… ?

What do you consider your greatest goal as EMW’s Ambassador?

What kind of events are you planning to organize during the EMW?