Kevin Mazars


Kevin Mazars



Kevin is founder and president of ACNE organization (Association pour la Culture Numérique et l’Environnement) which created Albilab, the FabLab in Albi (France). He has a master degrees on computer science. He likes environnement, ecology, psychology, sociology and human. His passion for new technologies made a maker of him. He wants to spread the spirit of FabLab everywhere.

How did you end up joining the #maker movement?

What do you most value in the innovation/maker environment?

What’s the maker movement outlook in your country?

In your opinion, what features in your city/destination/country is more appealing to an innovation-oriented crowd?

You seem to have been able to create such a nurturing environment around your FabLab/makerspace/hackerspace in (your country). What does your audience look like? Who do you mainly target – students, inventors, or… ?

What do you consider your greatest goal as EMW’s Ambassador?

What kind of events are you planning to organize during the EMW?