Leonardo Zaccone


Leonardo Zaccone



Performer – Sound Artist – UX Designer. Founder of Roma Makers.


“He was co-founder of our FabLab and now he’s the event manager. He is a very close friend to me, while asleep!

   – Stefano Varano, President @ Roma Makers


“He was born in Rome where he played Lego and music. He used to live in Berlin, but finally he came back!”
   –  Mara Morelli, mom


“He was the main promoter of my company’s success, I can’t imagine it without his support, I really love him!”

    –  Biondino Moauro, Garbatella’s innkeeper


“He’s a great artist, an astonishing sound performer and instruments maker, his music of silence enchants me…”

    – Jack Pin, European Deaf Association



How did you end up joining the #maker movement?

What do you most value in the innovation/maker environment?

What’s the maker movement outlook in your country?

In your opinion, what features in your city/destination/country is more appealing to an innovation-oriented crowd?

You seem to have been able to create such a nurturing environment around your FabLab/makerspace/hackerspace in (your country). What does your audience look like? Who do you mainly target – students, inventors, or… ?

What do you consider your greatest goal as EMW’s Ambassador?

What kind of events are you planning to organize during the EMW?