Roberto Vdovic




Roberto Vdović is teacher at Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb and president of FabLab in Zagreb, Croatia.

Since 2005, he has been exploring the applications of additive technologies as extension to existing interest and research for 3D modeling and visualisation. Since 2010, he has been researching digital fabrication in architecture, and in 2011 – as one of pioneers of desktop 3D printers in Croatia – he built one RepRap based 3D printer for his students. Again in 2011, he initiated thje funding project for the first croatian FabLab, which was official registered in 2013, according to FabLab Charter.

From the beginning of 2016, Roberto is Make-IT project leader for Croatian Partner Institution, an Horizon 2020-funded project for the maker  population.
As far as FabLAB projects are concerned, FabLab is supporting the “eNable the Future” initiative, which research on medical accessories and, also, on  Natural User Interface. Another significant FabLab project is “Make-it-in-School”, aiming to support creative way of thinking and STE[A]M design thinking process by using digital fabrication technologies in primary schools.