Maker Movement: solutions for a peaceful revolution

The Maker Movement in Europe is rapidly becoming a mainstream phenomenon with major implications for industry.  Europe has embraced the Maker Movement to reconnect with creativity and the knowledge economy, as well as to boast manufacturing. Central EU government has come forward, too, and sees it as a tool to increase Europe’s innovation and drive economic growth.  Here is Commissioner Andrus Ansip’s vision about it: “The Maker Movement represents a new way of allowing people – anyone – to be an entrepreneur, using the right technology even without specific training. Its approach to creativity helps to build bridges between innovators and […]

European Maker Week is back – 12/19 May 2018

The European Maker Week is back! It takes place between 12 – 19 MAY within 28 Countries. Be part of it! The European Maker Week is an opportunity for citizens from communities throughout the EU to participate in local activities, celebrating the innovation of the Maker Movement. The aims of European Maker Week are three folds: To showcase the state of the art of the Maker Movement across European economy and society, and invite citizens to join their local makerspaces and FabLabs and learn about their programs; To create awareness about the importance of the maker culture to foster an […]